The many highlights of a Narrow Gauge Convention include viewing and recognizing the modeling and photographic handiwork of many of the attendees. Much time, effort, talent, and expertise are reflected in the models and the photographs entered in the contest. Plan to spend some time viewing the models and be inspired by what has been produced and what they have chosen to share with all of us. You will have the opportunity to vote for your favorites in each category, so please honor the modelers and photographers work by doing so.

Winners in Model and Photo Contests

Best of Show
Leslie Davis

Black and White Model Photography
First place, Chuck Lind
Second place, Dan Wolschon
Third place, Peter Barney

Black and White Prototype Photography
First place, Matthew Malkiewicz
Second place, Jeff Boock
Third place, Raymond Walter

Color Model Photography
First place, Dale Kreutzer
Second place, Barry Dupler
Third place, William Hobbs

Color Prototype Photography
First place, Jeff Schumaker
Second place, Ted Wiese
Third place, Jeff Boock

Rod Locomotives
First place, Ross Ames
Second place, Allan Houghton
Third place, David Woodhead

Geared Locomotives
First place, Gerald Styles
Second place, Peter Watson
Third place, Tom Bowdler

Internal Combustion Motive Power
First place, Allen Littlefield
Second place, Jim Burchell
Third place, Phillip Raynes

First place, Thomas Nugent
Second place, Bob Bennett
Third place, Peter Dawson

Freight Car
First place, Dan Stenger
Second place, Rob Teates
Third place, Eric Green

Passenger Car
First place, Grant Knowles
Second place, Pete Watson
Third place, Bob Bennett

Logging Rail Equipment
First place, Jerry Bohlander
Second place, Peter Hoehn
Third place, Sam Swanson

Special Equipment
First place, Jeff Young
Second place, Richard Holman
Third place, Daniel McClary

First place, Michael Tierney
Second place, Ed Fillion
Third place, Sandy Alonzo

Favorite Train
First place, Allan Houghton
Second place, Allen Littlefield
Third place, Tim Fillion

First place, Don Railton
Second place, Sam Swanson
Third place, Roland Picard

First place, Leslie Davis
Second place, Terry Stapleton
Third place, Dave Zolnierek

First place, Soggy Bottom Boys
Second place, Narrow Minded Guys from Maine
Third place, Maple Leaf Mafia

Square Footer
First place, Mike Engler
Second place, Jim  Burchell
Third place, Mark Warner

Animation Award
Allan Houghton

Gazette Award
Sam Swanson

Midwood Memorial Award
Sam Swanson

Mt. Albert Youth Award
Joshua Yoakam

Fantasonics Engineering Award
Allan Houghton

Sn3 Modeler Award
Bill Scobie

FEBT Rivet Counters Award
EBT at Robertsdale Modular Group

Maine Narrow Gauge Prototype Challenge
Peter Barney

Contest Entry and Description Forms

Each entrant must complete a Contest Entry form for each item entered. The Contest Entry form can be downloaded here or filled out when you deliver your entry to the contest room. The contest entry form is retained by the contest managers.

In addition, each entrant is encouraged to complete a Description Form to be displayed with each entry.  The Description Form for Models can be downloaded here. The Description Form for Photos can be downloaded  here. Forms will also be available in the contest room.

The Contest Room

Model and photo contest registration, viewing and voting will be on the 2nd floor level, in the Washington and York rooms at the Civic Center.

Contest Room Hours
Wednesday, Sept. 7
10:00 am – 5:00 pm     Contest entry open.
6:30 pm – 9:30 pm      Contest room open for entry, viewing, voting.

Thursday, Sept. 8
8:30 am – 12:00 noon  Contest room open for entry, viewing, voting.
6:30 pm – 9:30 pm       Contest room open for entry, viewing, voting.

Friday, Sept. 9
8:30 am – 12:00 noon  Contest room open for entry, viewing, voting.
6:30 pm – 9:30 pm       Contest room open for viewing, voting.

Saturday, Sept. 10
8:30 am – 12:00 noon  Contest entry pickup.

Photos of Contest Entries. Photos of contest entries may be taken whenever the contest room is open for viewing and voting.  No tripods or table-based mounts will be permitted.  Monopods are allowed.

Contest Room Security. Entrants must remove all packing containers from the contest area immediately after placing an entry.  Packages and bags are not allowed in the contest room during viewing hours.  Viewers arriving with bags/packages will be asked to store them in a holding area adjacent to the entrance of the contest area. Touching any entry is strictly  prohibited.  The contest room will be staffed continuously during viewing/voting hours and locked down at all other times.

Contest Rules and Procedures

Judging. Contest winners for the general contests will be selected by popular vote of convention registrants.  Only ballots supplied with registration packets (one per registrant) will be allowed for voting.  Replacement ballots will not be supplied.  Ballot boxes will be kept under supervision in the Contest Room and all ballots must be submitted by 9:30 pm Friday evening to count. Judging for the special awards will be conducted in a manner designated by the award donor.

General Contest Rules
1. Rules and guidelines governing specific general contests will be detailed with each listing of contest categories.
2. All models shall be built entirely by the entrant or photographed by the entrant without help from any other person.  Entries should relate to narrow gauge subjects or related items.
3. A limit of one model or photograph may be entered for each category in the contest.
4. A model or photograph that has won first place in a previous national convention cannot be entered.
5. Photo size may range from 5″ x 7″ to 12″ on the longest side.  (This will be strictly enforced).  Photos with mounts may range in size from 5″ x 7″ to 12″ x 16″.  (This will be strictly enforced).  No frames or glass cover will be permitted, but photos may be matted.  Un-matted photos must be mounted on cardstock or foam coreboard.  Digitally and computer enhanced photos (such as adding smoke or color correction) are permitted.

Contest Entry and Information/Description Forms. Each entrant must complete a Contest Entry form for each item entered. In addition, each entrant is encouraged to complete an Information/Description Form to be displayed with each entry.  Forms may be downloaded from the Forms links above. No magazine articles or pictures are allowed.

Display Table. There will be a special table set up for display-only items for those who desire to display a model/photo in a non-voting environment.  These items will not be included in the popular vote contest and no plaque will be awarded.  Display-only items will be allowed only as space allows.

Contest Registration and Pickup. Contest entrants will be asked to sign in before placing any items in the contest room and sign out at pickup.  We thank each and every entrant in advance for their cooperation in this endeavor.

Model and Photo Contest Categories and Awards

Best of Show. Registrants may vote for their favorite item entered in the contest.  Please note that some entries such as modules may be located outside of the contest area (see modular category below).  Only first place is awarded in this category.

Youth Award. Any model built and entered by someone age 18 or younger.  Entries eligible for this award category will be identified by a special colored card or tag.  Only first place is awarded in this category.

Animation. This is a special award presented for a model entered in another category that incorporates lighting, motion or sound as part of the entry.  Only first place is awarded in this category.

A first, second and third place will be awarded for the following categories:

Rod Locomotive. A steam-powered locomotive with side rods.

Geared Locomotive. A steam-powered, gear-driven locomotive, e.g. Shay, Heisler, Climax, etc.

Internal Combustion Motive Power. Any motorized locomotive or vehicle that runs on railroad tracks.

Caboose. A car used as a train crew’s office or shelter.

Freight Car. A revenue-producing, rail-wheeled car.

Passenger Car. Includes baggage car, combine, or RPO.

Logging Rail Equipment. Any non-engine rolling stock unique to logging, e.g. camp cars, disconnects, water cars, cabooses, flange-rail-wheeled logging equipment, etc.

Special Equipment. Any equipment that is not rail-wheeled, e.g. donkeys, logging trucks, skidders, tractors, etc.

Maintenance-Of-Way. Any flange-rail-wheeled piece of non-revenue equipment, not special equipment.

Favorite Train. A train of undetermined length, including at least one motive-power unit and something the power unit is pushing or pulling.  The train may be displayed on a non-scenic length of track.

Structure. Any free-standing unit in which all parts shown are an integral part of the  structure.  No scenery allowed except that which is needed to support the structure.  A structure may have a base, but the base may not extend more than one inch in any direction from the structure or it will be classified as a diorama.

Diorama. A structure or collection of structures related to one another, with scenery.  No restriction on size.

Modular. A module is different from a diorama in that it is designed to be part of an operating layout.  Individual modules may be displayed in the contest room or they may be a part of the displays and operating layouts in the exhibit section of the convention center.  Modules in the exhibit section that wish to be entered in this contest category will have a white card with a contest entry number affixed to the front of the module.  A list of modules entered in this category and their locations will be in the contest room.  If the module is part of a larger modular layout, vote only for the individual module.

Square Footer. A relatively new contest category for many.  An entry may be anything, yes, anything that fits on a 12″ x 12″ base.  No height limit, but NO part or portion of the entry may exceed the 12″ x 12″ boundary on any side (strictly enforced).

B&W Model Photographs.

B&W Prototype Photographs.

Color Model Photographs.

Color Prototype Photographs.

Special Awards

Gazette Award. This award has been presented by Bob Brown, editor and publisher of the Narrow Gauge and Short Line Gazette, every year since the second convention.  Bob simply chooses the model he likes best.

The Midwood Memorial Award. This award is presented by Gerry Cornwell of Mt. Albert Scale Lumber for the best wooden model.

Fantasonics Engineering Award. This award is presented by Jim Wells of Fantasonics Engineering for a model that best incorporates sound.

Sn3 Modeler Award. This award is presented by Don Heimburger, publisher of the Sn3 Modeler magazine.

FEBT Rivet Counters Award. This award is presented by the Friends of the East Broad Top for the best EBT model.  The winner will be chosen by a committee selected from the FEBT group.

Maine Narrow Gauge Prototype Challenge. This award is presented by Ken Berlow of Mt. Blue Model Co. for any Maine narrow gauge, prototype model entered in any of the categories in the contest.  Eligible models include 2-foot, 26.5-inch and 30-inch gauge as long as the remainder of the model remains true to the prototype.  Entrants will be asked to provide a photo of the prototype to the contest committee at the time of entry to confirm authenticity.  Entries eligible for this award category will be identified by a special colored card or tag.  The winner will be selected by popular vote.