Every Narrow Gauge Convention features the world’s largest narrow gauge hobby shop!

Special amenities for manufacturers and vendors at Augusta’s business-friendly Civic Center include ample, close-in free parking, multiple loading doors, roll-in one-level easy access, and free wireless.

Manufacturers, Vendors, Organizations

The following manufacturers, vendors, and organizations have already reserved space at the convention:

37th Natl. N.G. Conv. – Denver
38th Natl. N.G. Conv. – Twin Cities
Alan Carroll
Allegheny Scale Models            
Bachmann Industries                
Banta Modelworks                     
Belfast & Moosehead Lake R.R.
Berkshire Valley                          
Berrett Hill Trains                       
BHI Publications                         
Black Bear Scale Models           
Bohica Enterprises
Bollinger Edgerly Scale Trains   
Boothbay Railway Village           
Bosco Figures                               
Branline Train Sales
Built-Rite Models                          
Caboose Industries                      
Caboose Stop Hobbies                
The Car Works                              
Chris McChesney
Coker Railroad Art                        
Coronado Scale Models
Crow River Products                    
Crusader Rail Services                 
CVP Products                                 
Dan Rand Publishing                    
David Bolduc
David Hoffman
David Provan                                           email address
Deerfield River Laser                    
Dreiling Enterprises
Durango & Silverton N.G. Railroad                             
Fos Scale Models                          
Friends of the East Broad Top    
Friends of 169                               
FSM Kits                                          
Fun and Games                             
Grandt Line Products                   
Hamm River                                   
Harbor Belt Lines                          
Heimburger House Pub.Co.        
Heritage Railroad Editions           
Iron Blossom Custom Models               email address
Jerry DeVos
L and L Estate Sale
The Leadville Shops                      
Maine Narrow Gauge Museum  
Marsh Creek Miniatures              
Mehring Model Engineering (C & D)
Michael McGann
Micro Engineering                         
Minuteman Scale Models            
Missouri Locomotive Co.             
Model Railroad Hobbyist Magazine
Model Railroading University      ~ .com
Model Tech Studios                      
Mount Blue Model Co.                 
Mt. Albert Scale Models               
Narrow Gauge & Shortline Gazette
Narrow Gauge Downunder        
Narrow Gauge Preservation Found.
National Capital Trains               
New England Brownstone          
Norm’s O Scale                             
On30/HOn3 Annuals                    
Ontario Narrow Gauge Show     
Peter Barney
Peterboro Railroad
Portland Locomotive Works       
Prairie Locomotive Works           
Pre-Size Model Specialities         
Railroad Kits                                  
Railway Models                             
RGS RR Hobbies                            
Rocky Mountain Trains                
San Juan Car Co.                           
Sandy River & Rangeley Lakes RR
Scalecoat Paint                             
Scenic Express                              
Scott Czaja Railroadiana             
Seacoast Division, NMRA            
Sea Port Model Works                 
Sidetrack Scale Models                
Star Hobby                                    
Stoney Creek Designs                 
Tarheel Press                                
Ted Wiese
Thinfilm Decals                             
Train Control Systems                 
Train Troll                                      
Utica, Chenango & Susq. Valley RR
Walt’s Model Company               
Waynesburg & Washington RR            email
Wiscasset, Waterville & Farmington
Wolf Designs
Xuron Corp.